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Dr Christine Reid

Dr Christine Reid


Dr Christine Reid studied at UWA and trained at Royal Perth Hospital before specialising in General Practice in 2006.  She worked for many years in Women’s Health Centres in Joondalup and Mirrabooka, where she developed extensive experience in all aspects of Women’s Reproductive Health Care and has a broad understanding of Secret Women’s Business.  Dr Reid dedicates her time to Women’s Health Clinics only.

  • Pregnancy care – Before/During and After
  • Period Problems – Heavy/Irregular/Painful/Missing?
  • Cervical Cancer Screening Test – The new Pap Smear Test – once every 5 years
  • Fertility assessment and pregnancy planning
  • Contraception Options including
  • Implanon – Insertion or Removal
    Copper or Hormonal IUDs – Insertion or Removal (Mirena or Kyleena)
  • Unplanned Pregnancy consultation – Non-judgemental approach
  • Sexual Health problems and screening
  • Breast Care – Pain/Lumps/General checks
  • Bladder problems and Pelvic pain
  • Embarrassing issues and itches
  • Menopause challenges